Episode 4057
Episode 4057
Production code P694/4057
ITV transmission date 26th August 1996 (Monday)
Story editor Paul Marquess
Story associates Gillian Creswell
Ann McManus
David Millard
Andrew Wightman
Writer Tom Elliott
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Noreen Kershaw
Producer Sue Pritchard
Previous episode 23rd August 1996
Next episode 28th August 1996


Joyce leaves her dog Scamper with the Malletts as she goes off with Alec. Alec is anxious as he doesn't want anyone to know they're going away together. Don tells everyone that Kevin and Tony are devious. He calls Percy an old fool when Percy stands up for Kevin. Des calls on Jeff Palmer's parents. Charlie tells him how Jeff's death affected the family. Charlie and Carol are upset to discover that Claire hasn't told Des the details of Jeff's death. Claire is awkward to find Des with her in-laws; she is annoyed that Charlie is upset and tells them that she hasn't told Des much about Jeff because he wouldn't be interested. Des leaves as Claire starts rowing with Carol. Derek is dismayed when one of his wellies is stolen from the Rovers. Ken points out that it is laying in one of the hanging flowerpots at Derek's front door. Joyce takes all of her dresses to the hotel to have them cleaned and mended on Alec's account as well as phoning her sister in Australia. She enjoys herself as Alec tries to make sure she has a good time. She is disappointed when he assures her that he isn't after her body, only her company. Judy pampers Scamper. Gary thinks it's because she's becoming maternal. Norris tries to tell a couple of people about his joke on Derek: stealing his wellie. Des is thrilled when Claire and Becky arrive with cases, saying they've come to move in.


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