Jack is intrigued to discover that Alec knows about secret Square Dealer pledges. Alec tells him a few. Tricia goes for her Triple Test at hospital and is nervous. Vera turns up to give her support and they are thrilled with the scan print-out. Maxine dreams of hitting the big time. She gets her friends to cheer her on at Shirelle's. Fiona turns up after having had a meal with Lee and is quite drunk. Maxine enjoys herself at Shirelle's, cheered on by Tony. Afterwards Shirelle walks around with a mike getting the audience to sing. Shirelle is impressed by Fiona's singing and drags her on stage. Maud gets Bill to go to the pictures with her and Maureen. Maureen tells him about the lonely hearts and her disastrous blind date. He tells her that he'll follow her at the next meeting and interrupt if the date goes wrong. Alec is impressed by Fiona's singing and tells Shirelle that she is one of his acts.


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