Becky buys a bell for Beauty, pleasing Mavis. Jim enjoys an idle day. He is annoyed when Jack accuses him of living the life of Riley and starts drinking again. When Maud questions him about work he turns on her, frightening her. Rita takes charge of Fiona, sorting out her dresses and taking her to a pianist, Gerry, who produces a backing tape for her. Maud goes to Llandudno for the weekend with an OAP group. Mavis watches in interest as the Weatherfield Historical Society visit the Street. She is horrified when James Pilling, the guide, talks about Ernie Bishop's murder at the factory on the site of their house. Emily overhears the talk and is mortified, especially when she learns that Mavis and Derek gave their permission. Mavis apologises but Emily is furious that she didn't ask the society why they wanted permission. She accuses Mavis of helping to cheapen Ernie's death. Alec and Rita support Fiona as she does her act at Shirelle's. She goes down well but hasn't got a song for an encore. Tricia is horrified when Carl phones for her. Norris is stunned when Jack quotes some Square Dealer talk to him. Fiona isn't sure if she wants to be a singer in back street clubs.


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  • TV Times synopsis: There's a terrible shock in store for Emily Bishop. Alec’s persuasiveness appears to be having the desired effect on Fiona.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 14,040,000 viewers (6th place - combined figure including repeat).
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