Jim spends the weekend on a drinking binge. He is relieved when Andy tells him that he wasn't violent towards anybody. Andy begs him to stop drinking but Jim feels that he needs to live his life blurred. Tricia is annoyed that Jamie gave Carl their number and address. Fiona tells Alec she only wants to be a hairdresser. He tells her that she must carry on singing as she is gifted. Derek tells the Weatherfield Historical Society to leave No.4 off the tour. He tells Emily that Mavis values their friendship and is sad she's upset her. Emily feels it's going to take her a while to forgive the Wiltons. Norris and Fred spy Curly talking in secret with Jack and ask him to a special Square Dealers meeting. Tricia asks the Duckworths if she can move into the Rovers. They tell her that running away from Carl won't help and suggest she visits him to keep one step ahead of him. Fiona is flattered when Rita tells her that she's got a great talent. Emily is annoyed when Mavis offers her chocolates as a peace offering. She refuses them, telling Mavis she always does the easiest thing and never thinks of other people. Maureen breaks down and tells Bill that Simon stood her up. Bill comforts her with a kiss and tells her that he likes her, but she draws back. Jim gets drunk and shouts in the Street at Sally when she complains about the noise he's making.


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