Episode 4075
Episode 4075
Production code P694/4075
ITV transmission date 7th October 1996 (Monday)
Story editor Paul Marquess
Story associates Ann McManus
David Millard
Andrew Wightman
Writer Phil Woods
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Mervyn Cumming
Producer Sue Pritchard
Previous episode 4th October 1996
Next episode 9th October 1996


Alf celebrates his seventieth birthday, thinking he's guessed Audrey's surprise - tickets to see Grease. Tricia tries to make Jamie see that they're better off without Carl but he doesn't believe her. When Jamie runs out of school in the middle of the day, Sue Jeffers sends Ken after him to see what's going on. Jamie tells Ken he was hoping to get to Strangeways to see his dad. He gets Jamie to return to school by promising that he'll talk to Tricia about his feelings. Alf looks forward to going to theatre but Audrey only organises a gathering at the Rovers as he has told her that he doesn't want a big fuss. Ken advises Tricia to spend more time talking to Jamie and listening to what he has to say. Alf turns up for his party dressed in his old suit from his Teddy Boy days to get into the spirit of watching Grease. He is touched by the party that the regulars lay on. Tricia agrees to arrange for Jamie to visit Carl. Raquel is furious when Curly lets her down over an evening out as he's doing one of his forty-nine tasks. Ken makes a speech at Alf's party and Audrey gives him his present - a three day stay at a health farm for two. Alf is horrified by the cost - £800.


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  • TV Times synopsis: It's Alf’s 70th birthday and Audrey has a few surprises in store. Jamie struggles to come to terms with Tricia’s hostility towards Carl.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 16,710,000 viewers (4th place - combined figure including repeat).
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