Elsie gives Sandra Petty the once-over before a petrified Dennis arrives home. The girl turns out to be one of Dennis's hairdressing clients who is madly in love with him. She missed their appointment earlier as her father had control of the paper. Dennis tries to keep Elsie there but she abandons him to his fate. Sandra gives Dennis a lock of her hair he'd previously cut from her head. Elsie goes back inside to make sure that Sandra is behaving herself with Dennis. Sandra suggests eloping to Gretna Green if Elsie stands in their way. Len gives Minnie a full account of his movements and flummoxes her. Len tries to help Dennis out by pretending to be his dad and asking him about his other girlfriends. Elsie sees him off and Dennis tells Sandra that Len is a Hungarian refugee with a glass eye that Elsie took pity on. Dennis runs with Len's idea and tells Sandra that he's engaged to Irma. Sandra doesn't believe him and decides to ask Irma herself. Hilda goes into No.11 to borrow some milk and reports back to the residents, who are dying to know what's going on. The Walkers get their music license. Sandra lets Dennis think she's going home before tackling Irma. Emily questions Elsie and Len on 'marriage and morals' and tells Dennis about Sandra going into the Rovers. Irma thinks Sandra is taking the mickey and is about to set her straight when Dennis's arrival prompts her to go along with the lie. Sandra surprises Dennis by wishing them luck and leaving to pursue one of the other men she sent a letter to.


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