Episode 4091
Episode 4091
Production code P694/4091
ITV transmission date 13th November 1996 (Wednesday)
Story editor Paul Marquess
Story associates Gillian Creswell
Ann McManus
David Millard
Writer Julian Roach
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Colin Cant
Producer Sue Pritchard
Previous episode 11th November 1996
Next episode 15th November 1996


Gary can't understand why Judy isn't pregnant yet and fears he's sterile. He confesses to Judy that Samantha's been teasing him about it. Blanche arrives for Tracy's wedding and is amazed by the changes in the Street. Curly wonders how Raquel was offered a job abroad and asks her if the interviewers knew she was married. She confesses she took her ring off. He is stunned and can't bring himself to go into work. Deirdre is amazed that Tracy isn't excited about her wedding. Curly forces Raquel to admit she wants to take the job. He tells her he knows she wants him to talk her into taking it but refuses to. Maurice Preston tells the Barlows that Robert and his best man, Paul Davies, have disappeared and never returned from the stag night. He thinks Robert has changed his mind about marrying Tracy but she is adamant he'll turn up. Deirdre is distraught when Maurice tells her he's against Tracy because she took drugs. Judy tells Samantha she's not to talk to Gary about anything, especially sex. Ken and Deirdre drive around trying to find Robert. One of his friends, Greg, remembers locking him in a container in a freight yard. They go to look for him but all the containers are empty apart from two sealed ones which are on their way to Saudi Arabia. Deirdre has to stop herself from going for Greg. The police are called in to stop the shipment, fearing Robert could have suffocated. Vera lays on Tracy's wedding reception at the Rovers. Ken and Deirdre return home to find Robert there, being shouted at by Tracy for seeing her before the service. He explains he let himself out of the container. Deirdre and Ken feel they can't take any more. Curly tells Raquel he knows she has never loved him. Emily and Betty join Blanche, Ken and Deirdre at Weatherfield Register Office. The best man doesn't arrive so Deirdre gives Tracy Samir's wedding ring to wear. Curly tells Raquel that every time he sees her he wants her, but knows the only feelings she ever feels for him are guilt and pity. He tells her he's going on a sales conference and wants her gone by the time he returns. She tries to explain why she wants the job so much; that or the first time in her life she was picked for something. Tracy and Robert are married, afterwards Ken makes a speech and Percy produces the wedding cake. Ken tells Deirdre that for the first time ever he really feels like Tracy's father. He and Deirdre have a quiet moment together. Curly leaves for the conference without saying goodbye to Raquel.


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