Episode 4094
Episode 4094
Production code P694/4094
ITV transmission date 20th November 1996 (Wednesday)
Story editor Paul Marquess
Writer Patrea Smallacombe
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Noreen Kershaw
Producer Sue Pritchard
Previous episode 18th November 1996
Next episode 22nd November 1996


Curly slips out of Anne's house in the early hours. He struggles to stop himself looking back all the time. He asks Judy to tell all the neighbours so he doesn't have to. Fiona arranges to sing with a band at The Hour Glass but Alec tells her that he's already booked her into Victoria's and arranged for a London agent to see her. Liz visits Steve and tells him that she's strapped for cash. He walks out of the visit when she breaks the news that she's going out with Sean. Fiona decides to play Victoria's and then go on to The Hour Glass. She agrees to putting her relationship with Alec on a legal footing. In prison, Steve is impressed when Mr Big, Fraser Henderson tells him that Liz is gorgeous. He tells Fraser about Liz needing £1,000. Deirdre and Ken enjoy an evening together looking at the wedding photographs. Judy tells the regulars in the pub about Curly and Raquel splitting up. Ken tells Deirdre he was a fool to throw their marriage away. She feels uncomfortable with the conversation. Jack is upset that Raquel is gone and he might never see her again. Curly phones his mother to tell her about Raquel leaving. He goes to bed and cries his eyes out.


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