Episode 4110
Episode 4110
Production code P694/4110
ITV transmission date 18th December 1996 (Wednesday)
Story editor Paul Marquess
Story associates Gillian Creswell
Ann McManus
Matthew Westwood
Writer Peter Whalley
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Noreen Kershaw
Producer Sue Pritchard
Previous episode 16th December 1996
Next episode 20th December 1996


Joyce apologises to the Malletts for misleading them and admits she's hopeless with money. Liz tells Andy that he had no right to tell Jim about Fraser. Ken goes to the County Court with his solicitor, Margaret Dunbar, to meet with Denise and the Court Welfare Officer, Mr Phelps, to see if they can arrange custody without going to court. Ken says that he feels Daniel should live with him as Denise abandoned him. Deirdre tells Alec that there's £35 missing from the petty cash. Denise tells Mr Phelps that everything she's done has been for Daniel's benefit. Ken is outraged when she says that it was always agreed that she would claim Daniel back once she'd got herself sorted. The meeting ends in a row between Ken and Denise so Mr Phelps tells them that there will have to be a full court hearing. Liz visits Steve and asks him to help put Fraser off. Steve stops her by saying that Fraser has made his life easier for him in prison. He urges her to meet with Fraser so she can see he's really a nice guy. Liz is stunned to discover that Fraser has already put her name on his visiting order. Andy gets upset when Anne tells him that Liz attracts trouble by the way she dresses. Deirdre is stunned when Ken tells her that he told the court about their relationship to show he can provide Daniel with stability. Bill tells Maureen that Elaine is bringing Carl over to England for Christmas and wants to see him. Maureen tells him that he must see Carl but he tells her that he can't as they'll be in Spain. Vera tells Alec that she doesn't want him behind the bar anymore, saying there's money missing from the till. He is affronted and tells her that he'll never set foot in the Rovers again.


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