Maxine is disgusted with herself for sleeping with Curly but he's feeling wonderful. He is put out when she creeps out of the back door. Ashley brings Don out of himself by talking to him about gambling. Tricia calls at the DSS and is told that she's entitled to £87 a week, housing benefit and maternity. The Duckworths hope that the DSS will want Terry to pay towards the baby's upkeep but also feel they don't want him knowing about the baby. Samantha moves into No.7. Curly is amazed by his magnetism and the way women keep falling at his feet. Alma is upset to hear that Don tried to kill himself in the garage as she realises that he must hate Mike. Curly bids the Street farewell as he leaves for Paris, via Folkestone. Fiona guesses that Maxine spent the night with a man but Maxine refuses to tell her who it was. When Bill wants to see Carl for New Year, Maureen encourages him to go. Liz visits Fraser demanding to know what trouble Steve is in. Fraser assures her that it's not that urgent and explains Steve is mixing a lot with Malcolm Fox and he felt she ought to be warned as Steve could be starting on a vicious circle. He tells her that she only has to give the word and he'll have Fox seen to. Maureen tells Bill she has to confess and tells him that she slept with Curly on Christmas Day. He is horrified but she begs him to realise it was nothing and that as Curly has gone it doesn't matter. She is equally horrified when Curly returns saying he's changed his mind about leaving.


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