Alma is sickened to receive a letter from Don, posted on the day of his suicide attempt, telling her it's Mike's fault he's lost everything. Anne is excited about her first day as acting manager at Firman's Freezers. The Malletts return from Spain to find Samantha is their next door neighbour. Anne is horrified to find Curly at work. She is angry that he's back because she wanted his job and feels that she's betrayed Andy by kissing him. She tells him she hates him and is upset when he tells her he's forgotten all about her declaration. Gary tells Joyce she can go home as he's sorted out the back rent with her landlord Bernard. Samantha tells Curly he can't stay at No.7 anymore and suggests he goes to stay with a friend. Tricia gives the DSS Terry's name but is told he won't be traced until the baby is born. Jack is pleased as he wants Terry to pay up. Alma shows Mike the letter and is hurt when he finds it amusing. Maxine is embarrassed when Curly tells her their night together was special. He is hurt when she tells him she would never have looked at him if she'd been sober. Alma tells Mike she can't stand the way she has to mix with people who he has crossed and think he's a swine. Mike tells her he's had enough of her pointing out his lack of sensitivity and tells her it's obvious she's still thinking of Stephen. Bill tells Maureen he can't stop hurting over her throwing herself at Curly when it took them so long to get together. She tells him it wasn't a one-off as it had happened before. Bill tells her he can't forget it happened but will try and forgive her. Anne is stunned when Andy invites Curly to stay until he can find somewhere to rent. She tells Curly she hates him.


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