Episode 4120
Episode 4120
Production code P694/4120
ITV transmission date 5th January 1997 (Sunday)
Story editor Ann McManus
Story associates Gillian Creswell
David Millard
Matthew Westwood
Writer Barry Hill
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Colin Cant
Producer Sue Pritchard
Previous episode 3rd January 1997
Next episode 6th January 1997


Jack wants rid of the Armstrongs but Vera enjoys having them around. Anne is hostile toward Curly, telling him she wants him to leave as soon as possible. Tricia realises Jack wants her out of the Rovers and tries to win him round, saying how good he is for Jamie. Alma confronts Don over his letter and asks him why he wrote it to her when she's never hurt him. She tells him no one's to blame but himself for the mess he's in. He tells her that she destroyed him as Mike did as she married him. She is shaken by his aggression. Joyce and Scamper return to Gable Street. Fiona plans to revamp the Salon and hires Bill and Jim to carry out the work. Jim is shocked when Bill tells him Maureen slept with Curly. Jim tells him it's a good thing he's seen Maureen for what she is before it was too late. Curly tells Martin that he feels he should never have returned. Emily puts a collection box on the Rovers' bar for used spectacles to send to third world countries. Judy isn't happy having Samantha living next door as she thinks she's after Gary. Ken returns from attending Daniel's birthday party, feeling excluded from his son's upbringing. Alma tells Mike she knows he enjoyed destroying Don and tells him to face up to the fact that it isn't Don or Stephen who's come between them; it's him. Mike is angry with her and tells her to watch herself as Stephen is coming over.


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