Annie hasn't slept well but won't tell Jack what's troubling her. She's deliberately cold with him. Charlie arrives early to begin the decorating at No.9. He expects a cup of tea and toast for his troubles. Jack shows Lucille his wartime medals from his private drawer. Annie thinks of looking for answers to her questions in the same drawer. Charlie papers over one of the doors by mistake. Val finds that the cheap paper he's bought has no pattern on it and insists on buying the replacement herself. Annie goes through Jack's chequebook and bank statements and finds regular weekly payments of £5 with no name on the stubs. Emily organises a Christmas entertainment for the Weatherfield Trust children's home at the Glad Tidings Mission Hall. She plans a pantomime and wants Charlie's help. Val and Albert think she's taking too much on. Annie sneaks Jack's private drawer back open so she can carry on rifling through it but he pushes her to help with a rush in the bar. Charlie sneaks a dinnertime drink in the Rovers. Wanting to continue her search, Annie tries to get Jack to go to bed and rest his bad back. He demands to know what's wrong but she refuses to answer him. Emily decides on Cinderella for the panto and asks a delighted Lucille to play the lead. She plans to play Dandini herself. Annie refuses to take some cushion covers she's ordered from Gamma Garments, claiming she hasn't enough cash nor her chequebook on her. With Jack in bed, Annie gets Lucille out of the pub and goes through the drawer again. She discovers the cheques were to a "Mrs. H Nicholls". She rings the bank and finds that such payments have been made continuously for the past six months.


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