Annie lets Jack nap until 5.30pm and is off with him when he wakes up. She tells him she may visit Joan over Christmas. Emily begins casting the panto and asks Hilda if Stan will play Baron Stoneybroke. Annie sees Jack having a friendly chat with a lady customer and tries to find out who she is. To her embarrassment, Albert asks Jack for her, who tells him to mind his own business. Annie can't cope with the situation and retreats to the living room. When Jack goes to fetch her, she announces she's taking the evening off. Jack goes out for chips after closing time as Annie is still in a mood and stays out until past midnight. He tells Annie that he bumped into a mate and is affronted when Annie threatens to ring the man to verify the story. Hilda tells Annie that Stan used to go with other women while working on the lorries when Annie asks her. Emily casts Charlie in three parts due to him being a professional. Jack finds his private drawer unlocked and accuses Lucille of not locking it. When she denies it, he turns nasty and demands that she does as she's told. Lucille leaves the room in tears. Jack has enough of Annie's moods and tells her he's master in his house. Immediately after the row, he opens the pub and is rude to Albert and Charlie before apologising. Jack refuses to make it up with Annie; she's gone too far. Upstairs, Annie starts to pack.


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