Episode 4147
Episode 4147
Production code P694/4147
ITV transmission date 21st February 1997 (Friday)
Story editor Paul Marquess
Story associates Anne McManus
Jim O'Hanlon
David Millard
Writer Tom Elliott
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Brian Mills
Producer Sue Pritchard
Previous episode 19th February 1997
Next episode 23rd February 1997


Alan is furious to hear Fiona has been at The Hour Glass to spy on Fraser. He tells her to stay away in future, out of harm's way. She is thrilled when he tells her her loves her and wants her kept safe. Liz tells Fraser she has no regrets after spending the night with him. She is flattered by the way he gives her money to spend, saying she deserves the best as she's a lady. Joyce is annoyed that she has to clean up the pub for the baby's homecoming and asks Judy to walk Scamper. Liz tells Alan she doesn't want to spy on Fraser as she's certain Steve is safe. Alan tells her that if she doesn't cooperate Steve's parole might be cancelled. She accuses him of blackmailing her but he makes her that he's serious. Liz is upset when Deirdre refuses a lift in her car because it's been bought by a criminal. Becky is upset when she leaves dye on Claire's hair too long and bleaches it too much. Claire rushes to the Salon for help. Judy forgets to walk Scamper when Gary chases her into bed, turned on by her sexy new dress. Kevin is annoyed when Tony playing around with his new car and neglecting the garage. Joyce rows with Judy for not walking Scamper. Fraser tells Liz not to buy modest outfits as he likes her in mini-skirts. Joyce walks Scamper at night and crosses Ashdale Road only to be hit by Tony in his car. He tries to brake but fails and Joyce bounces over the car and lies still in the road.


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