Episode 4152
Episode 4152
Production code P694/4152
ITV transmission date 2nd March 1997 (Sunday)
Story editor Paul Marquess
Ann McManus (Credited as Deputy Story Editor)
Story associates Jim O'Hanlon
David Millard
Gareth Roberts
Writer Sally Wainwright
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Garth Tucker
Producer Sue Pritchard
Previous episode 28th February 1997
Next episode 3rd March 1997


Fraser is angry with Liz for going through his belongings and his quiet rage frightens her. She tells him she was just making herself at home. Sean continues to rile Des by getting people to sponsor him for the parachute jump, angering Claire. Alan calls on Fraser's wife, Jacqui Henderson, and asks her what she knows of his activities, telling her that the police know that he's planning something big. She refuses to cooperate so he tells her about Liz, saying that Fraser's telling people he and Jacqui are as good as divorced. Fraser questions Liz about Alan showing her the card he found. She spins a yarn that he was a bloke in The Hour Glass who insisted on leaving his phone number. They are interrupted when Jacqui rings Fraser. He tells Liz that he's going to leave Jacqui for her but he hasn't told his wife yet but it detracts Fraser from questioning her further and he screws Alan's card up and throws it away. Jack and Don get drunk. Don sees Mike's Jaguar outside the Rovers and has an idea. Judy goes back to look at where she was brought up in Albert Street when she takes Scamper for his walk. She's gone for two hours and Gary is frantic. Mike and Alma didn't drive to the Rovers. The Jaguar's owner rings the police as it has been vandalised. Don makes a hasty exit from the Rovers when he realises he got the wrong car. Des gives in and signs up for the parachute jump when Derek tells him he supports him and he doesn't think he's a coward. Fraser retrieves Alan's phone number from the bin when Liz isn't looking.


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