Episode 4155
Episode 4155
Production code P694/4155
ITV transmission date 7th March 1997 (Friday)
Story editor Paul Marquess
Ann McManus (Credited as Deputy Story Editor)
Story associates Jim O'Hanlon
David Millard
Gareth Roberts
Writer Catherine Hayes
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Garth Tucker
Producer Sue Pritchard
Previous episode 5th March 1997
Next episode 9th March 1997


Gary doesn't know how to cope with grieving Judy. He offers to take her away for a few days but she prefers to stay at home. Liz is shocked when Jacqui Henderson turns up at Fraser's flat. Jacqui tells her she's welcome to Fraser, she just wants her things, explaining Fraser's been arrested. Jacqui tells Liz that she's doing well by Fraser but she hated the way he used to hit her. Liz refuses to believe he's violent. Alan is pleased to have Fraser locked up but Fiona fears Steve will get a beating because of it. Samantha, Sean and Des have a practice fall for their parachute jump. Sean lands badly and sprains his ankle. Deirdre tells Liz she's a fool for still wanting to be with Fraser. Sue worries when she is summonsed to a Governors' Meeting, called by Alf. Ken panics when she tells him he's being called as well. Ken is amazed when Sue tells him he isn't as good a teacher as he thinks he is and admits she saved him from redundancy purely because she fancies him. Ken is angry and tells her he wishes he'd never slept with her. Gerry comes into The Hour Glass and tells Liz that Fraser is worried about her as he fears people will try to get at her. He promises he'll look after her and she gives him her keys so he can collect her car from a dark alley. Tricia goes out for the first time since the birth, leaving Brad with the Duckworths. Jack thinks she's a bad mother. Sean is pleased his ankle prevents him from doing the jump. Fraser phones Liz from a police station and warns her to get away from Gerry and make for somewhere safe.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Sean, Des and Sam are put through their paces in preparation for the parachute jump.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 15,310,000 viewers (3rd place - combined figure including repeat).
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