Episode 4167
Episode 4167
Production code P694/4167
ITV transmission date 28th March 1997 (Friday)
Story editor Paul Marquess
Ann McManus (Credited as Deputy Story Editor)
Story associates Jim O'Hanlon
David Millard
Writer John Stevenson
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Laurence Moody
Producer Brian Park
Previous episode 26th March 1997
Next episode 30th March 1997


Mike and Alma are stunned to find the factory burnt to the ground. He feels that he's lost everything. Mr Ryan, the Fire Investigation Officer, tells him nothing can be salvaged. Don spreads the news about Baldwin's fire and goes to the scene to gloat. Andy's tutor Ms Baistow tries to find out why he's stopped working and warns him that he's heading for a bad degree. Alan gives Fiona a solitaire engagement ring. The Trading Standards Office sends an investigator, Mr Stott, to question Mike about manufacturing counterfeit goods. When he asks to investigate the factory, Mike gleefully shows him the burnt-out remains. Mike begins to see the fire as a blessing and is glad he had the factory fully insured. Natalie tells Kevin she's found a new mechanic for him and is put out when he tells her that he has already employed Chris. She tells him that from now on she'll keep in closer touch with him. Don phones the Police and tells them Mike started the fire himself. The Police question Mike, asking him for his whereabouts, explaining the fire was started deliberately by someone with a key. They take Mike to the police station.


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