Roy has a cold so Gail sends him to bed and gets Audrey to help out at the cafe. Chris is startled when Natalie calls at the garage and sees his sleeping bag there. He says that he's returning it to Kevin. Jim prepares for Steve's home visit. Sally stays in Scarborough to look after Elsie Seddon after her stroke so Kevin returns home alone. Andy decides to give up University even though he's only got a few months to go. Natalie tells Kevin that she's leaving her husband because of his infidelities and wants to be more involved in the garage. He is wary of her. Audrey enjoys herself at the cafe, flirting with lorry driver Ron Harris. Judy tells Gary she thinks they may need help in conceiving a baby. He agrees that they should see a doctor. Derek is concerned when Norris employs a new young salesman at Hawthornes. He decides to rise to the challenge and prove he is the best salesman. Mike goes for Don and is surprised when he admits he did start the fire, pointing out that he'll enjoy seeing Mike know he started it but never being able to prove it to the Police.


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