Episode 4188
Episode 4188
Production code P694/4188
ITV transmission date 4th May 1997 (Sunday)
Story editor Paul Marquess
Story associates Ann McManus
Jim O'Hanlon
Gareth Roberts
Writer Martin Allen
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Terry Dyddgen-Jones
Producer Brian Park
Previous episode 2nd May 1997
Next episode 5th May 1997


Alec is thrilled to be asked to see Sunliners chairman Sam Briscoe. Mike pays Frances Stillman to clear Ashley's name. He is grateful. Roy decides to change the name of the cafe. Mike and Angie employ Jim and Bill to refurbish the print shop. Audrey hears about Mike's venture from them and tells Alma. Frankie interviews Ashley. He tries to explain why he lied to the Police and said that he'd gone clubbing with friends, admitting he felt they'd think he was strange to be on his own. He knows he's made of mess of things. Roy settles on Roy's Rolls for a name. Gail isn't keen. Alan celebrates being promoted to Detective Sergeant, the youngest ever in his Division. Samantha grows tired of having Sean around all the time. When he makes a pass at her she struggles to enjoy it but can't and screams for him to leave her alone. He is stunned when she shouts at him and cowers from him. Alma goes for Mike over keeping his new business with Angie a secret from her and allowing her to think they were really emigrating to the States.


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