Episode 4193
Episode 4193
Production code P694/4193
ITV transmission date 12th May 1997 (Monday)
Story editor Paul Marquess
Story associates Ann McManus
Jim O'Hanlon
Gareth Roberts
Writer Mark Wadlow
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Brian Mills
Producer Brian Park
Previous episode 11th May 1997
Next episode 14th May 1997


Alma goes for a job as assistant manager in a dress shop but doesn't get it. Maureen looks forward to a 1960s night with Bill but he isn't keen. Kevin tells Natalie that if they carry on seeing each other it's bound to end in divorce and he doesn't want that. They agree to stop seeing each other. Bill sends Jim up for chasing after Samantha, half his age. Jim feels Samantha might fancy him as she seems to enjoy being with him. Mike is frustrated that Don will not stand trial. Alma tells him it's not justice he's after but revenge. She tells him that she's had enough of him concentrating on his feelings and ignoring hers. Curly is surprised when Alma applies for a job on the tills at Firman's Freezers. He worries that it's beneath her but she is adamant she wants the job so he hires her. Alan suggests to Fiona that she'd see more of him if he moved in with her. Mike surprises Alma with a fortnight's holiday in Cyprus and is stunned when she says she can't go as she has to start work at Firman's. Natalie seeks assurance from Kevin that he does enjoy her company and he realises they can't finish as he can't keep his hands off her. Maureen dresses up in 1960s clothes and is disappointed when Bill makes no effort. Kevin interrupts a passionate evening with Natalie to tell her that he can't go on.


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