Rita tells Kevin that she won't tell Sally about him and Natalie as she believes it's all over. He tells Chris that he's still seeing Natalie and warns him not to say anything to Rita. Gary is annoyed when Liam Shepherd cheeks him. Natalie asks Kevin to stay in Weatherfield for the weekend and not go to see Sally, encouraging him to make the most of the situation before Sally's return. Samantha tells Maureen how Bill thumped Curly and left him with a black eye. She is furious and tells Bill that they're finished. Judy is alarmed to see Liam bruised and bandaged. He tells her that Gary went for him. Zoe swears she's a witness and they tell Judy they won't tell the Police if she pays them to keep quiet. Kevin decides to stay in Weatherfield but when Rosie tells him she's missing Sally he changes his mind. Natalie is angry and tells him if he goes to Scarborough then they are finished. She is annoyed when he still heads off. Judy tells Gary that he could have killed Liam. She refuses to believe him when he tells her that he doesn't know what she's talking about and is furious that Liam is asking for £200 to keep quiet.


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