Episode 4206
Episode 4206
Production code P694/4206
ITV transmission date 4th June 1997 (Wednesday)
Story editor Ann McManus
Story associates Linda Donnellan
Jim O'Hanlon
Gareth Roberts
Writer Peter Whalley
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Terry Dyddgen-Jones
Producer Brian Park
Previous episode 2nd June 1997
Next episode 6th June 1997


Jack and Vera worry about their first visit from the VAT man. Mike advises Angie to treat the workers in an offhand way to gain their respect. She insists on treating them like human beings. The Duckworths try to get pally with Mr Brown the VAT man, telling him about Brad when they hear that he's just become a grandfather. Steve offers his services to Mike but Mike isn't interested. Judy and Gary have fertility tests and await the results. When he discovers Alan is away on a course, Steve calls on Fiona with a bottle of wine to talk about the old days. Against her better judgment she invites him in. Bill is unsettled when he walks in on Kevin and Natalie holding hands. Steve tells Fiona everything went wrong for him when she finished with him. He tells her that he isn't convinced she'll marry Alan. She swears she will. Deirdre tells Ken that she's going out with an airline pilot. When Alan returns from his course Fiona doesn't tell him about Steve's visit. Fred invites Maureen to the ballet. Rita tells Bill that she's worried about Kevin's relationship with Natalie and tells him that Kevin told her they'd had a fling. He can't bear to think of the consequences. Mr Brown tells the Duckworths that although they've paid interim VAT payments, every quarter they should have increased the payments, as they now owe £17,650 in back-VAT.


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