Episode 4208
Episode 4208
Production code P694/4208
ITV transmission date 8th June 1997 (Sunday)
Story editor Ann McManus
Story associates Linda Donnellan
Jim O'Hanlon
Gareth Roberts
Writer Mark Wadlow
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Brian Mills
Producer Brian Park
Previous episode 6th June 1997
Next episode 9th June 1997


Deirdre moves into the flat above the Bookies. Natalie worries that when Sally returns Kevin will drop her. He assures her that they'll carry on but will have to be careful. Ken discovers that his redundancy payment will only be £1,500 and fears he won't be able to get a new job. Betty is upset for Jack when he explains he needs to find £17,000. Kevin takes Natalie to bed at No.13 whilst Chris discovers Sally is on her way home from the station. He manages to warn Kevin in time for Natalie to slip out the back door as Sally and Sophie return at the front door. Deirdre shows Jon Lindsay her flat and is embarrassed when Ken calls. She introduces him to Jon and Ken makes a point of saying that he's Deirdre's ex-husband. Jack phones a loan company but is again told he's too old. Jon questions Deirdre about her three husbands. He wonders how close she still is to Ken and disappoints her by not staying the night. Sally is pleased to be back but Kevin is jumpy after his narrow escape. Bill is pleased she's home. Sally feels guilty for having left Kevin on his own for so long. He feels guilty as she tells him how wonderful he is.


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