Judy has a laparoscopy and tries to keep the details from Gary. As he has trouble finding orders, Mike suggests that Angie designs some cheap underwear which they can sell on the markets. She refuses. Rita refuses to lend Jack the money, saying a debt would ruin their friendship. Jack feels he has no option left but to sell the pub. Mr Hutton tells Judy she does have a blockage in her tubes. She is upset, fearing that if she can't have children Gary will leave her. Janice steals underwear from the factory. Kevin is shocked when Sally invites Natalie to tea. Natalie enjoys the danger of the situation. Maureen tells Fred that Maud thinks he's after the shop. Fred is affronted and swears his only interest is that he wants to marry her. She laughs it off, telling him that marriage is out of the question. Steve tells Fiona he's got the chance of a job in Birmingham but can't afford the fare. She agrees to lend him £30. Jack suggests that Rita buys a 50% partnership in the pub and is delighted when she tells him she's interested.


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