Episode 4223
Episode 4223
Production code P694/4223
ITV transmission date 4th July 1997 (Friday)
Story editor Paul Marquess
Story associates Jim O'Hanlon
Gareth Roberts
Brian B. Thompson
Writer Sally Wainwright
Designer Uncredited
Director Lou Wakefield
Producer Brian Park
Previous episode 2nd July 1997
Next episode 6th July 1997


Kevin and Sally call in the Police over Rosie's disappearance. They blame each other and Sally fears that she's been abducted. Maxine fears Fred will tell everyone about seeing her in her underwear. Fred assures Ashley he won't tell anyone what he saw. Sally insists on searching for Rosie and Kevin joins her. Eric Firman tells Curly he wants to use Alma's face to promote Firman's Freezers' across the North West. Maureen is full of remorse when she discovers Fred has broken his leg. She is stunned when he tells her the fall made him think of his death and tells her that he intends to leave her everything in his will. Ashley overhears and is furious. Sally believes Rosie is dead and refuses to be comforted by Kevin. She tells him that he's wrecked everything good they had. Teenagers Toyah and Leanne Battersby shoplift at Firmans before making their way to their new Council house - 5 Coronation Street. Rosie is found by a Coast Guard on a beach and reunited with Kevin and Sally. Kevin promises Rosie everything will be alright and will go back to normal. Problem family Janice and Les Battersby move into No.5 with the girls. Toyah steals Bill's drill to give to Les. Bill asks Les if he saw anyone steal the drill but Les denies knowledge. Sally tells Kevin that he has no right promising Rosie anything; nothing's changed. She refuses to pretend she could ever love him again. He returns to Weatherfield.


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