Janice orders Leanne to find a job, threatening to throw her out if she doesn't. She asks Roy for work at the cafe and when he turns her down she accuses him of letching after her. Curly has sleepless nights thanks to the Battersbys' music and can't think properly at work. Eric Firman plans to use Alma's recommendations to sell all his duff stock. Ashley hears about Maxine being Steve's alibi and is upset to discover they were together. Alma worries that she's being seen to recommend products she's never tasted. Percy holds a council of war with Emily, Mavis, Ken and Curly, to discuss how they should deal with the Battersbys. Percy is all for driving them out but the others advise caution. Curly complains to Janice about the noise and she agrees to make the girls turn off their music at 9.00pm. Maxine tells Ashley that Steve tried it on and she slapped him down and she just wants to forget all about it. She assures Ashley he's the best thing that ever happened to her. Gary is angry when Judy tells him she doesn't want to have the operation to unblock her tubes and tells him to accept the fact she cannot have his children. Curly is furious when the Battersbys only turn the music off for an hour. He forces his way into their house and smashes their CD player out onto the Street. Janice is furious, Leanne and Toyah are heartbroken and go for him. Les headbutts him to the ground and breaks his glasses. Emily and Ken are appalled and take care of bloody Curly. Alan swears to Fiona that he had nothing to do with Steve being pulled in over the stolen whisky. He accuses her of still being in love with Steve and tells her he's had enough. He breaks their engagement.


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