Maxine looks forward to being Fiona's bridesmaid and is annoyed to discover the wedding has been put off for six months. Ken has a disturbed night as Daniel cries all the time. Jim, Bill and Steve get confirmation of a flats conversion job on Shaw Street. Steve gets the owner to agree to them using the flats as a show case of their work. Deirdre is pleased when Jon invites her to his house in Cheadle. Toyah is rude to the customers at the cafe. Kevin is furious to discover that Sally has withdrawn £400 from their joint account. Natalie tries to make him see that she must need the money for the girls but he thinks she's done it out of spite. Jim tells Fiona how devastated Steve is over her marrying Alan. She tells him that she knows he's talking about himself as well and assures him she's marrying Alan as she loves him. She tells him that she only slept with him because she was upset and he means nothing to her. She tells him to stay away from her in future. Jim gets upset and begs her not to marry Alan but she's defiant. Fiona tells Alan she wants them to move away from Weatherfield. She tells him that Steve has told her that he loves her and she hates living on the same Street as the McDonalds. Ken struggles to cope with Daniel as he throws tantrums everywhere. Kevin rows with Sally over her spending too much money. She tells him the girls needed clothes. He tells her that he's going to close the account and she'll have to ask him for money in the future.


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