Jim takes the day off work, feeling depressed. Sally is upset to bump into Natalie. In her panic to get away, she's nearly knocked down. Ashley fears that Maxine thinks he's a joke. Maxine is thrilled to have received her first proposal and boasts about it to Fiona. Fiona and Alan set the date for 7th November at St. Luke's Church. Rachel Forbes contacts Steve over the Shaw Street flats renovation job for Mr Slater. She works for Marshall Loveday, the management agency on the job, and is impressed to discover Steve is in charge of the building job. Sally gives Kevin a list of expenses but he tells her that it's too much. He refuses to pay all she needs so she tells him they'll have to involve the courts. Maud is stricken when Fred tells her that he proposed to Maureen. He assures Maureen that he won't give up on her. Kevin realises Sally really does need the money. He tells her that he'll find it somehow for her. He is pleased when she assures him that he can see the girls whenever he wants to. Ashley admits to Maxine that marriage scares him and agrees with her that they should concentrate on just having fun together. Steve tries to use Rachel's presence to make Fiona embarrassed. Fiona is upset when Jim refuses a drink from Alan and walks out on their setting-the-date celebration. When Maud discovers Fred's proposed to Maureen she's convinced she'll end up in a home. Judy tells Zoe about her abortion.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Jim starts to feel the pressure. There's a new girl in Steve’s life.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 14,420,000 viewers (1st place - combined figure including repeat).
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