Episode 4243
Episode 4243
Production code P694/4243
ITV transmission date 8th August 1997 (Friday)
Story editor Ann McManus
Story associates Jim O'Hanlon
Gareth Roberts
Writer Catherine Hayes
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Lou Wakefield
Producer Brian Park
Previous episode 6th August 1997
Next episode 10th August 1997


Les acquires an old Lada which he intends to do up and sell on. He tells the neighbours to get lost when they complain about the eyesore. Leanne starts work at the factory, cleaning the floors. Des tries to be sympathetic with Samantha but she tells him that she hates talking about the past and just wants to forget it. Leanne is a hopeless worker as she only does what she's told to and nothing else. Alec refuses to serve Les when he comes to the Rovers with no vest on. Mavis gets upset as she remembers Derek's birthday. Des comforts her, telling her what a great man he was. Jim confides in Bill that he had a brief fling with someone he really cared for but now she's not interested. Judy worries when the midwife advises Zoe to spend nine months bonding with her baby. Zoe assures her that she won't bond with the baby as it won't be hers. Des is amazed when Samantha tells him about her marriage and how she was scared her husband would find her secret out. Judy tells Zoe that she wants her to leave as soon as possible after the birth so the baby isn't confused. Zoe agrees so long as she has the money. Des makes Samantha see the time has come for her to face her parents and tell them what happened with Ian Phillips. She is upset, feeling they don't want her as they've not tried to find her. She agrees to go to see them if Des comes with her.


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