Vera is looking forward to her ruby wedding anniversary. Jack is horrified that they've been married so long. Gary refuses to give Zoe the money upfront, telling Judy that if they did they'd have no hold over her or the baby. He tells Zoe that instead of the money they'll treat her to new clothes and luxuries that will make her feel better. Judy is relieved when she agrees. Pete Hickman and Mickey Hegarty buy lager at the Corner Shop and take note of Maud being wheelchair-bound. Mike is horrified when the fire alarm goes off at the factory. Angie evacuates the building and he fears another business will go up in smoke. When they discover Leanne has been smoking in the toilets and had set the alarm off; they sack her on the spot. Vera tells Jack that she wants a big party for their wedding anniversary. Martin agrees to going out with Kevin before realising Natalie will be cooking a meal. Janice is furious when Leanne loses her job and turns on Angie. Steve is annoyed that Fiona doesn't appear jealous of Rachel. Mickey and Pete frighten Maud when they lock the shop and start raiding the alcohol off the shelves. When she tries to get help they tip her out of her wheelchair. Gail refuses to dine with Kevin and Natalie, telling Martin to get them out of it. Maureen is horrified to see Pete and Mickey speeding off after robbing the shop.


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