Maud likes having Ashley around as she's fond of him. The Police find the Lada but it's completely wrecked after hitting a wall. Les is alarmed when the Police question him over where he bought it as it's been reported stolen. Angie makes a set of sexy underwear for Vera as an anniversary present. Les gets irate when the Police suspect him of stealing the car in the first place. He is forced to give them the name of the friend he bought it from and gets them off his back by saying Mickey Hegarty and Pete Hickman were the lads who robbed the shop. Kevin is shocked when Natalie's husband Nick Horrocks turns up. He wishes them both well but tells Natalie that as she's now living with another man he won't pay her monthly allowance anymore. The Police arrest Mickey and Pete and get Maud to identify them. Martin tells Sally that he forced Gail to go to Natalie's house and that she rowed with Natalie all night as she's really her friend. Les is annoyed as he bought the car for £150 and has to pay to get it scrapped. Jack is horrified when Vera shows him her new underwear, saying she'll be wearing them for their anniversary night. Des is dismayed when Samantha tells him that she's going to leave Weatherfield and start afresh in London.


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