Vera is happy after her night of passion. Alec gives Jack a £170 bill for the free drinks. Jack refuses to pay so much and knocks him down to £90. Natalie tells Sally that as her maintenance has been cut off she can't support Kevin anymore so he can't support her. She tells Sally that unless she takes less money Kevin will have to sell up and then he won't be able to give her any money. Sally accuses her of emotional blackmail and throws her out. During their row, Rosie gets upset and leaves the house. She goes to the garage and is taken care of by Chris. Alec suggests installing a jukebox in the pub to attract younger people. Chris returns Rosie to Sally and comforts Sally when she breaks down, realising her rowing with Natalie caused her to run away. Chris tells her that Kevin really did try to resist Natalie but was weak as she was in Scarborough. Samantha hands in her notice to Alec. Kevin is amazed when Sally tells her that Natalie came round and tells him to do his own dirty work in the future. Ashley has to return to Fred's shop and isn't pleased as he liked the atmosphere in the Corner Shop. Alec tells Jack they need attractive barmaids and could get Vera out of the way, helping with the cooking. Jack likes the idea of sharing the bar with young girls. Kevin rows with Natalie for seeing Sally. She tells him that she didn't have any choice - they need money.


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