Kevin spends the night in the garage. He tells Chris that he's left Natalie and can't believe he's been so stupid as to give everything up for her. Judy is amazed when Gary has second thoughts about taking the baby as he feels he won't like it. Alec tells Vera they have to make more profit and points out their biggest expense is Betty's wages. He suggests that Vera takes over the food. She likes the idea if she can take catering courses. Ashley is shocked and amused when Fred tells him Maureen is going to marry him. He tells Maud the news, horrifying her. Natalie apologises to Kevin and begs him to return but he accuses her of ruining his life and refuses to be kept by her. Maud douses Fred in foam from a fire extinguisher and accuses Maureen of turning herself into a laughing stock first with Reg then Fred. Zoe gets drunk with Leanne and tells her how she's selling the baby to the Malletts. Samantha tells Des he'd be disappointed in her if she stayed as she's hopeless. He begs her to give them a chance. When Alec offers her an extra £1.50 an hour to stay she agrees to stay, deciding to give Des a go. Zoe goes into violent premature labour. Kevin tells Sally that he's left Natalie and asks if she'll take him back. She refuses. Alec is forced to pay Judy £1.50 an hour extra as well when she threatens to walk out if Samantha is on more than her. Judy panics over Zoe's labour and is furious to find that she's been drinking.


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  • TV Times synopsis: When Maud goes ballistic, Fred’s in the firing line. Zoe puts her baby's life in danger.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 12,380,000 viewers (8th place - combined figure including repeat).
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