Episode 4254
Episode 4254
Production code P694/4254
ITV transmission date 27th August 1997 (Wednesday)
Story editor Ann McManus
Story associates Jim O'Hanlon
Gareth Roberts
Writer Mark Wadlow
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Sue Dunderdale
Producer Brian Park
Previous episode 25th August 1997
Next episode 29th August 1997


Kevin stays with Bill and sets about showing Sally that he's never returning to Natalie. Zoe's contractions slow down and she's monitored in hospital. She worries that something will go wrong and is comforted by Judy. Gary feels awkward. Des is thrilled when Samantha tells him that she's staying as she doesn't want to leave him. She warns him that he'll have to be patient for sex; she can only cope with kissing. Alec investigates rival pubs' menus and tells Vera that they'll have to provide more exotic fare. When there's signs of foetal distress, Zoe is rushed to theatre for a caesarean section. Zoe panics about being cut open. Gary goes with her to comfort her whilst Judy fears the baby will die. Gail advises Sally to forgive Kevin and take him back as it'll be hard work as a single mother. Vera attempts to cook chilli but makes it too hot. Gary is tearful when Zoe gives birth to a little girl and passes out. Judy is thrilled that she's alright. Fred tells Maud that he worships Maureen and tells her it's obvious that her only interest is in not losing Maureen as a nurse. He assures her that she won't be put in a home. Natalie is upset when Kevin refuses to talk to her and hates the way he's punishing her. She begs him to come round so they can talk. Judy fusses over the baby and is annoyed that she and Zoe can't go home immediately. Kevin is surprised when Sally invites him to stay for tea. Sally enjoys having the family together and is disappointed when Kevin leaves when the children go to bed. She tells Gail that she decided she's made Kevin suffer enough and now wants him back.


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