Episode 4255
Episode 4255
Production code P694/4255
ITV transmission date 29th August 1997 (Friday)
Story editor Ann McManus
Story associates Jim O'Hanlon
Gareth Roberts
Writer Catherine Hayes
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Sue Dunderdale
Producer Brian Park
Previous episode 27th August 1997
Next episode 31st August 1997


Judy wants Gary to say that he's the baby's father as then she can legally live with them. He is wary as the authorities might find out the truth and send him to prison. Natalie and Kevin are pleased to have made up. He assures her that he'll stick with her for good. Vera signs up for an evening course in Commercial Catering. Zoe agrees to say Gary is the baby's father and to Judy's idea to name the baby Katy Joyce. She's too tired to be bothered what happens. Sally tells Kevin she wants him back. He is amazed and tells her that it's no good; they'll never be able to go back to normal - it will always be between them. She is stunned when he says that he loves Natalie and their marriage is over. Natalie asks Alec for a job at the Rovers and is taken on straight away, on trial. Sally breaks down over Kevin not wanting her anymore. Gail comforts her and refuses to let her blame herself for everything that's happened. Fred announces to the Rovers customers that Maureen is marrying him and buys drinks all round. Natalie is thrilled when Kevin tells her that he's refused to go back to Sally. Gary gets emotional at the thought of Katy ending up in care if her future isn't secure. He tells Judy that he's willing to say he's her father to make her officially theirs.


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