Episode 4262
Episode 4262
Production code P694/4262
ITV transmission date 10th September 1997 (Wednesday)
Story editor Ann McManus
Story associates Jim O'Hanlon
Gareth Roberts
Writer Sally Wainwright
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Lou Wakefield
Producer Brian Park
Previous episode 8th September 1997
Next episode 12th September 1997


Rita goes to view a house in Cartmel, taking Alec along for company. The Malletts tell the midwife that Zoe has disappeared and they don't know where she is. Deirdre gives Ken a one-off job, collecting a customer from the airport. The midwife assures Judy that Katie can stay with them as Gary is her father. At the airport, Ken is surprised to see Jon in a shop when he should be flying. Jon tells him that he's filling time as his plane is delayed and is annoyed at being caught out. Pam Middleton quizzes Fiona as to why she doesn't seem very happy at the thought of marrying Alan. She advises Fiona to be cautious but Fiona assures her that they do love each other. Rita is taken with the house, despite Alec's attempts to put her off the idea. He tries to build up his courage to propose marriage but backs off. Sally is shocked to hear that Rita is selling up and moving away. She breaks down, feeling she's losing everyone. Vera and Mavis attend mass-catering evening classes. Vera is annoyed when Mavis takes notes. Mavis is uncomfortable when Vera tells her that she's planning to sack Betty. Chris comforts Sally when she breaks down feeling she's become boring. He assures her that she's still attractive. Deirdre feels guilty as she feels happier with Jon than she did with Samir.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Gary and Judy have some explaining to do about their baby. Rita and Mavis makes plans for the future.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 14,170,000 viewers (4th place - combined figure including repeat).
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