Episode 4264
Episode 4264
Production code P694/4264
ITV transmission date 14th September 1997 (Sunday)
Story/Script editor Ann McManus
Story associates Jim O'Hanlon
Gareth Roberts
Writer Maureen Chadwick
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Robert Khodadad
Producer Brian Park
Previous episode 12th September 1997
Next episode 15th September 1997


Des is upset that Ritchie Fitzgerald is back in Samantha's life. Curly is stunned to discover she is married. Samantha is ashamed of having left Ritchie and apologises for leaving him. He tells her that her mother has told him all about the rape and he understands why she left him. As Alan can't get time off after the wedding he and Fiona book a three week honeymoon in Mauritius before the wedding. Andy returns from Spain after working in a beach bar. Mavis loves the Cartmel house and gets Rita to put an offer in. Des can't believe his bad luck in getting pushed out of Samantha's life by her husband. Samantha tells Ritchie she should never have married him but he tells her that he loves her. Fiona tells Maxine that she thinks she's pregnant. Maxine gets her to do a test which is positive. She breaks the news to Alan and is relieved when he is delighted. Rita and Mavis celebrate when their offer is accepted. Curly sleeps on Des' sofa to give Samantha time with Ritchie. Samantha feels better knowing Ritchie knows about the rape and allows him to stay the night at No.7, on the sofa. He urges her not to be scared of him.


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