Episode 4269
Production code P694/4269
ITV transmission date 22nd September 1997 (Monday)
Story/Script editor Ann McManus
Story associates Jim O'Hanlon
Gareth Roberts
Writer Catherine Hayes
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Will Brenton
Producer Brian Park
Previous episode 21st September 1997
Next episode 24th September 1997


Maud wishes Maureen wasn't marrying Fred and admits she fears she's going to lose her. Maureen assures her she won't. Fred is nervous before the wedding. Deirdre and Ashley are witnesses and Maxine, Maud and Liz attend the register office. Sally is annoyed when Kevin assumes she couldn't have started the flood as it's not in her character. She delights in telling him she did it. Fred and Maureen are married. Steve decides to move away from Weatherfield and keep out of Alan's way. Maureen is thrilled when Fred hires a Barber Shop Quartet to sing to her after the ceremony. Jim is annoyed when Steve accuses him of not caring about his welfare. Fred and Maureen lead a conga down the Street. Natalie lays into Sally for flooding her house, calling her sour and dried-up. Sally fights back, accusing her of treating Kevin like a lap dog. They row in the Street, cheered on by the factory girls. When Natalie grabs hold of Sally, they start to wrestle on the ground. Fred takes Maureen to their reception at No.4, telling her it's their new home. She is pleased until he tells her there's no room for Maud. Jim tells Fiona that his operation wasn't a success and he could have fathered her baby. She is horrified.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



Notable dialogueEdit

Percy Sugden: "Mrs. Roberts, she's always four drinks in front of everybody else."

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