Episode 4282
Episode 4282
Production code P694/4282
ITV transmission date 15th October 1997 (Wednesday)
Story/Script editor Ann McManus
Story associates Matthew Westwood
Gareth Roberts
Writer Adele Rose
Designer Julian Perkins
Director June Howson
Producer Brian Park
Previous episode 13th October 1997
Next episode 17th October 1997


Judy starts work at The Kabin, with Katie in the back room. Deirdre gets Jon to tell everyone that he's just failed a medical and can no longer fly. Jon promises her that he won't blow his second chance with her. Angie is impressed when Mike asks her to deal with a buyer, George Dixon. Ken is astonished to learn Deirdre has taken Jon back. He tells her that she must be mad building a life with a fake. She is annoyed to hear he has already told Emily about Jon. Ashley, Gail and Martin attend Don's funeral. Gail is thrilled when Nick arrives at the graveyard, saying he's back for good. Angie is shocked when George comes on strong to her and asks her to pose in some of her underwear for him to see.


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