Episode 4286
Episode 4286
Production code P694/4286
ITV transmission date 22nd October 1997 (Wednesday)
Story/Script editor Ann McManus
Story associates Matthew Westwood
Gareth Roberts
Writer Ken Blakeson
Designer Julian Perkins
Director Robert Khodadad
Producer Brian Park
Previous episode 20th October 1997
Next episode 24th October 1997


Gail hopes that if Nick's at college he'll stop going out with Leanne. When she sobers up Angie is horrified that she's moved back in with Curly. Rita dislikes having Katie around the shop, especially when Judy changes her on the counter. Linda tells Jon that she wishes he wasn't away so much as she and the children miss him. Angie tells Des she wants to move back but he refuses to have her as he wants to be on his own with Samantha. She starts looking for flats to buy. Leanne introduces Nick to her family. Janice hopes that he'll be a good influence on her. Sally dresses up hoping to spend the evening with Chris but he has a prior engagement. She is disappointed and is furious with herself for thinking he liked her. Gail gets annoyed when Nick doesn't come home for tea. She sends Martin over to No.5 where he is told that Nick is up in Leanne's bedroom. He orders Nick back home but Nick refuses, saying he's not a kid and he's not going to stop seeing Leanne.


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  • This episode was transmitted at 9.45pm to allow for coverage of Champions League football.
  • TV Times synopsis: Rita is finding it hard to work with Judy - and baby Katie - while Sally makes an effort to impress Chris.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 12,810,000 viewers (8th place - combined figure including repeat).
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