Andy and Steve are stunned to discover that Liz has spent the night with Jim. She is enthusiastic about being back with him but he isn't that sure. Gail demands that Nick leaves Leanne alone before she gets pregnant. Deirdre is thrilled when Jon tells her that he'd want to take on the mortgage himself so she can have all her money for herself. She is impressed by his generosity and agrees to pay the deposit out of Samir's insurance money. Gail tells Janice that she doesn't want Nick seeing Leanne as she doesn't think she's good enough. Janice is furious and rows back at her. Deirdre is thrilled when Jon's offer on the house is accepted. Gail tells Martin that she'd rather have Nick back in Canada than seeing Leanne. She pleads with Martin to talk some sense into him. Chris takes Sally out to a restaurant, assuring her that he finds her attractive and enjoys her company. Martin advises Nick to play the field as Leanne is a no-hoper. Nick isn't impressed. Natalie is furious when Kevin stands her and her friends up to attend a breakdown. Jim admits to Liz that he too would like them to be back together. She spends another night with him.


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