Episode 4301
Episode 4301
Production code P694/4301
ITV transmission date 17th November 1997 (Monday)
Story/Script editor Ann McManus
Story associates Di Burrows
Jim O'Hanlon
Gareth Roberts
Mariam Vossough
Matthew Westwood
Writer Peter Mills
Designer Julian Perkins
Director Noreen Kershaw
Producer Brian Park
Previous episode 16th November 1997
Next episode 19th November 1997


Deirdre is aghast when Jon tells her the car has been stolen. She wants to call in the police but he tells her his firm will sort it all out. Alec is horrified when Ken rips Geraldine Milne's cheque up, telling him that he is not a prostitute. When Gail tells Nick that Leanne's a slut, he hits back saying that it takes one to know one and at least she doesn't buy babies like their friends the Malletts. He tells them that Leanne saw Zoe with the £2,000 but Gail refuses to believe him. Fred has the shop freshly fitted out with shelving units. To get back at Fred for his underhand behaviour, Maud mischievously drops a fish behind one of the units before it is sealed up. Vera is thrilled when her American friend Maxwell Baxter sends her a bra he has named after her. Fred wins Ashley over by telling him he and Maxine can rent No.4. Maxine is thrilled. Jon has to cut a photograph of him and Deirdre out of the paper before Linda sees it. She tells him they should use his bonus to go on holiday. Ken is amazed when Alec gives him a £50 fee for spending the evening with Geraldine.


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