Deirdre is amazed when Jon gives her a gold credit card for use in their account. He tells her to buy furniture for their house. Les is furious to see Leanne has a bruised face. He accuses Judy of assault but backs off when she starts to cry. Assisted by contract cleaner Mr Cockroft, Fred clears the shop of all the stock, making the public think that he's throwing it all out but really stores it elsewhere. Leanne is upset when Les lays into her for spreading malicious gossip about Judy. Fred is amazed when the cleansing firm finds a fish behind some shelving. He is glad the source of the smell has been located but fears industrial sabotage. Alec feels the Rovers needs Natalie and asks her to return without consulting Vera. Jack is amazed to overhear Alec and Ken talking about his female "client". Jon tells Linda that he has to cancel the holiday as he has to work. Steve isn't sure if Rachel is happy with his staying with her long term. Nick has enough of Leanne going on about Zoe. She finishes with him when they keep arguing about it, telling him that she'll prove Zoe sold her baby.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Fred uncovers the truth about the unpleasant smell. Jon has a glittering gift for Deirdre.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 16,790,000 viewers (4th place - combined figure including repeat).
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