Episode 430
Episode 430
Production code P228/430
ITV transmission date 25th January 1965 (Monday)
Stories by George Reed
Writer John Finch
Designer Peter Caldwell
Director Michael Cox
Producer Richard Everitt
Previous episode 20th January 1965
Next episode 27th January 1965


Ena wonders if there's been any sign of activity from the Tanners. Dennis tells Elsie about the notice. Elsie is calm, deciding not to row with Ena but to get everyone on their side. The clasp on Annie's gold bracelet is broken. Elsie starts her campaign with Annie, telling her "in confidence" that Ena is evicting them in four weeks. Annie immediately starts to spread the news, opining that the Tanners are being victimised. She enters a lucky dip in Gamma Garments and wins a back-scratcher. Mr. Swindley and Miss Nugent are told about the eviction. Charlie thinks about being an insurance man as it brings in £25 a week. Stan discovers from Bert Lodge that milkmen finish at noon. The news spreads about Ena. Stan considers being a milkman. Minnie is upset on Ena's behalf when Hilda gives her the cold shoulder. Swindley is pleased with the result of Gamma's sale and a compliment on his window display from a rep from Dobson and Hawkes. Stan finds a gold bracelet in the lucky dip and gives it to a delighted Hilda. Ena is unfazed by the cold shoulder she receives from the residents. Elsie asks Len to fix things in No.11 so it looks as if it's not worth living in. Swindley offers his sympathies to Elsie. Annie recognises the bracelet as hers, lost in the lucky dip, but allows Hilda to keep it for a few days to save face. The residents anticipate all hell breaking loose between Ena and Elsie.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



Notable dialogueEdit

Minnie Caldwell: "Oh, hello, Ena. I was just thinking about him."
Ena Sharples: "Aye, I've been doing a bit of thinking, an' all. You know, the best time to think about Winston Churchill is when you're working your fingers to the bone. Not lazing in your bed reading the scandal in newspapers."

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