Gary refuses to buy Katie again and begs Judy to let her go but she can't accept that she's not Katie's mother. Maxine refuses to move back in with Ashley when she sees that Zoe is back. She accuses him of fancying Zoe and being too thick to realise that. Ashley is confused as to what is going on. Janice tells Les horror stories about killing turkeys knowing that he hasn't got the guts to kill it. Deirdre is amazed when Jon tells her that he won't be able to spend all of Christmas Day with her as he has to work. Les gets drunk before trying to kill the turkey but Toyah alerts Spider who puts Les off the killing by talking about the turkey's feelings. Les feels defeated and promises Toyah they'll keep the turkey as a pet. Judy is stunned when Gary returns Paul Fisher's £2,000, saying they don't need it anymore but she grabs it, saying they do. Sally is surprised to discover that Kevin has moved into a B&B and isn't back with Natalie. Judy discovers Zoe is at No.4 and demands Katie, showing her the £2,000. She is shattered when Zoe tells her that she doesn't want the money.


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Ashley Peacock: "It's always me gets caught in t'middle. I try and please everybody and end up pleasing nobody."

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