Kevin doesn't want to sell the garage and asks Sally to trust him by continuing to work with Natalie until she gets bored of the situation. She agrees, although she's not pleased. Ashley feels guilty when Zoe packs to move to the hostel. Alf is furious when he discovers that Audrey's been telling people about the bowl on the Red Rec. Deirdre is furious when Jon tells her he has to work New Year's Eve. Spider accuses Alf of destroying beauty and nature with his plans. Alf is adamant that the bowl will be a huge boost for Weatherfield. Zoe cooks a thank-you meal for Ashley. Liz suggests to Deirdre that Jon has another woman but Deirdre tells her he's too honest for that. Jon tells her that he works so hard because he wants to prove himself to her. Liz is thrilled when Mike offers her a job as machinist at Underworld, even though she hasn't any experience. Sally admits to Kevin that she doesn't trust Natalie and begs him to sell the garage, saying she can't cope with the strain. Ashley tells Zoe she doesn't have to leave. She is pleased but doesn't know where she stands with him; is he attracted to her or does he just feel sorry for her.


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