Liz is amazed when Deirdre tells her about Jon's wife and children. Emily feels that Spider is a breath of fresh air and is glad he's living with her. Deirdre feels a fool for being so lonely that she was taken in by Jon. She is stunned when Jon turns up and tells her that he loves her. He tells her that Linda is no longer his wife but he has to spend time with her as she keeps threatening to kill the children. Toyah is upset when Les warns her against spending time with Spider as he's probably got fleas. Roy and Spider hold a protest meeting against the concert bowl. Alf tells the meeting that the project will create jobs and that he doesn't understand what all the fuss is about. Spider warns the meeting that the Council won't rest until all the trees in Weatherfield are cut down. Jon promises Deirdre he is going to leave Linda but she doesn't believe him, telling him that she's sick of his lies and throws him out. Nick and Leanne leave for Scotland together. Deirdre realises Jon was prepared to commit bigamy by marrying her; she's frightened because she fears that there will be more revelations to come.


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