Alma is amazed and embarrassed when Hayley buys her an expensive sweater as a thank-you for her support. Audrey enjoys having fun by kidding Maxine that she'll go clubbing with her. Alma feels Hayley needs a man in her life so Audrey suggests they matchmake between her and Curly. Steve is pleased when Fiona agrees to them being friends. Samantha decides to visit Ritchie and ask him not to divorce her. Natalie agrees to cover for her. Les walks round with a stick which he uses to attack Martin in the Rovers when Martin accuses him of scrounging off the state. Gail is furious to find Leanne at her house, dressed in her dressing gown. When she starts shouting at Leanne, Nick tells her that they're doing nothing wrong as they're married.


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Mike Baldwin (about Hayley Patterson): "She's a geek and she shouldn't be encouraged."

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