Episode 4350
Episode 4350
Production code P694/4350
ITV transmission date 11th February 1998 (Wednesday)
Story/Script editor Ann McManus
Story associates Di Burrows
Jim O'Hanlon
Gareth Roberts
Writer Maureen Chadwick
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Terry Dyddgen-Jones (Credited as "Terry Dyddgen Jones")
Producer Brian Park
Previous episode 9th February 1998
Next episode 13th February 1998


Nick and Leanne cannot get any privacy at No.5. Steve confronts a puzzled Jim about the radio message. After Steve storms off, Gary fills Jim in on the dedication, leaving him more mystified than ever. Nick informs a furious Gail where he is living when he collects his belongings. Fiona makes Maxine promise to tell James Wright the truth but Audrey points out that the damage has possibly been done by the misinterpreted radio message. Jim calls at the salon to protest his innocence but Steve is hot on his heels and a fight starts. At the cafe, Roy reveals to Gail that he knew of the wedding. She angrily tells him that she thinks he's mentally retarded. Hayley calls in on a stunned and hurt Roy. Fiona explains the truth behind the radio message to Steve. Roy demands an apology from Gail. She refuses and he weakly threatens her with legal action. Les starts to organise a celebration party for Nick and Leanne. Gail confronts him over this but he slams the door of No.5 in her face. Roy and Hayley go out for a meal and enjoy each other's company, finding companionship in their awkwardness. Des tells Samantha that he's going to confront Ritchie.


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